Anderson Ladder


Portable Flatbed Ladder

The Anderson Ladder is an innovative safety product designed to reduce fall injuries occurring while the driver climbs onto the flatbed trailer.

The Anderson Ladder is convenient. It is lightweight and stable. It assembles easily and quickly (in about a minute). When in use, it attaches to the tie-down rail anyplace along either side or the rear of the flatbed trailer. The ladder incorporates two important, recognized safety features into the design: 1) Three point control and 2) Horizontal hand grips. Also, the user ascends at a gentle angle, instead of vertically like a ladder. The Anderson Ladder is constructed with the U.S. Government's OSHA construction standards adhered to. The width of the steps is 16 inches. The steps and the handholds are spaced 12 inches apart. The area where the user walks through the handrails is 18 inches. The top handhold is 3.5 feet above the landing so the user is not required to stoop when returning to descend. The handhold rails rise at the same angle as the ladder, so there is a natural feel to the climb. The ladder stows under the flatbed portion of the trailer, so it is convenient to use. It stows relatively flat at approximately 7 inches depth. There are other ladders to provide access to flatbed trailers, but none have the unique combination of safety features and portability that the Anderson Ladder has.