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The Anderson Ladder is an innovative safety product designed to reduce fall injuries occurring while the driver climbs onto the flatbed trailer. Every year slips and falls from flat bed trailers account for a significant number of workplace injuries. The Anderson Ladder uses recognized OSHA standards of safety and ergonomics, including '3 point control' and horizontal hand grips. Potentially Lower your Worker's Compensation Costs!

U.S. Patent Number 7,992,681

Cage Code 1DZN4

Horizontal Hand Grips

A proven concept to help prevent or arrest a slip or fall. The top of the handhold is 3.5 feet above the landing so the user is not required to stoop when returning to descend.

3 Point Control

The Anderson Ladder is designed and built with Stability, Safety and function as its primary features. No other ladder has the unique features The Anderson Ladder has.